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The Bechdelerator

The Bechdel Test was created by writer Alison Bechdel in the comic strip "Dykes To Watch Out For". A movie passes the test if it:

  1. It includes at least two female characters
  2. who have at least one coversation with each other
  3. that is about a topic other than a man

The Bechdelerator predicts whether movies pass the Bechdel test by analyzing their scripts, identifying conversations between characters, and determining whether those conversations pass the requirements of the test. It also provides a graph of the conversations between different characters where node size represents the number of conversations a character has, node color shows gender of the character (blue for men and pink for women), and links represent if two character conversed in the movie.

To see if your favorite movie passes the test, simply scroll through our dynamicly generated list of movie scripts from IMSDB and click the Bechdelerate button.

To learn more about this project, check it out on Github (but please remember we made this a long time ago!).

The Bechdelerator was created by Sarah and Seema.

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